20 Halloween Trees That Put Christmas Trees to Shame

Image: leannebisaillon/Instagram; hellsboutique/Instagram

leannebisaillon/Instagram; hellsboutique/Instagram

Christmas is often hailed as the most magical time of the year, and it can be hard to argue with that assessment. After all, the world gets coated in a sea of twinkling lights, we’re showered with feel-good flicks, and of course, practically drown in gifts. But for some, Christmas is the sad recognition that their favorite time of the year (fall, and consequently, Halloween) is officially over. All the gorgeous leaves are gone, Hocus Pocus officially isn’t on loop, and all the creative costumes have to be put away. Honestly, for folks who live for the macabre, Christmas magic can be kind of a drag. 

In 1993, director Tim Burton bridged the gap between the two holidays be creating The Nightmare Before Christmas. The now classic tale centers around Jack Skellington discovering “Christmastown” and his misadventures in trying to take over the holiday, which ultimately leads him to appreciating his own special Halloween-centric life. It was the first time that the two holidays happily coexisted and it did so beautifully. And in fact, it may have inspired a newer trend that Halloween and Christmas lovers alike can get behind: Halloween Christmas trees.

The idea is fairly self explanatory: During the festive holiday season instead of decorating a Christmas tree with the standard green and red ornaments, take the opportunity to give it a Halloween theme. Using black ornaments, Halloween garland, and spooky plushies, Halloween trees can be just as beautiful and festive as a traditional Christmas tree. Don’t believe us? Just check out the list of Halloween trees we’ve curated. Each spooky tree has an element of holiday magic that’ll make even the biggest Grinch smile. These can be left up from Halloween to the holidays!

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