10 Days of Christmas in July (Day 7) Christmas card notepad

Have tons of Christmas cards left over every year? Rather than throw them away, I like to find other uses for them. If you need a notepad to keep track of to-do lists during the holidays, this is an easy do it yourself idea. These would also make a great party favor.

Christmas Card Note Pads

What you need:
  • Old Christmas Cards (or how about those junk mail postcards?)
  • Homework pages that are blank on one side (if you don’t have these, plain or lined paper would also work)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler


  1. Cut out the portion of the card you’d like to showcase then fold the inside cover up about 1/2 inch. You will then need to trim some of the “cover” accordingly, so that it will tuck neatly into the fold.
  2. Cut your homework papers about 1/4 inches smaller than the cover in width and length. Here, the measurement is 3 1/2 x 4 inches. 20 papers per cover is about right.
  3. Insert the papers into the cover and staple near the bottom of the fold.
  4. Tuck the cover into the fold (trim as necessary to let it lay flat) and you’re finished!
Image and craft from Hope Inc (visit the site for more instructional images).

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