20 Sexy Gifts Will Crank The Heat Way Up This Holiday Season

Admit it: Every time the holiday season rolls around, you flirt with the idea of gifting something sexy to your partner for Christmas. And why wouldn’t you? It’s practically a guarantee that whatever present you give your partner will be a one-way ticket to hours-long pleasure for you, too.

Or perhaps you’re in the market to surprise your friends, roomies, and sex-positive cousins with prezzies they’ll actually use. Go for it! Not only will you heat up their romantic lives, you’ll also reward yourself with some scandalous stories to be spilled like mimosas at brunch.

But what exactly should you give them? Well, anything that the special in people in your life are too shy to ask for (or even know that they want)—but here’s a list of the best naughty presents of 2019.

While these sexy Christmas gifts might be a bit tough to wrap, they’re sure to spice things waaay up in the bedroom (or bathroom or kitchen table). So get shopping—it’s much more fun when you’re a lucky (wink wink) recipient, too.

1. Massage Oil


Sensual Massage Oil

Maple Holistics


$9.25 (64% off)

For the nights (or mornings or afternoons) when you want to start off slowly, building up to the hot-and-heavy stuff with a massage is clutch. Those frantic, handsy, out-of-breath moments will have their time—but nothing screams intimacy like the gift of slow and gentle touching.

2. The Ava Vibrator



Downunder Toys


It might look a bit…strange, but Ava is THE vibrator for a no-frills vibe. It’s comfy on the hands and shaped for pleasure at multiple spots. The removable silicone sleeve means whoever you gift it to can run it under warm water to clean and then use it on you for round two.

3. Water-Based Lube


Water-Based Lube

Aloe Cadabra


$10.95 (45% off)

In search of something a little smaller that can fit inside a stocking? Try this lube starter pack from Aloe Cadabra.

Since many sex toys are made from silicone—which require water-based (not silicone-based) lube only in order to keep the toy’s material intact—this is the sexy equivalent t0 body wash and deodorant stocking stuffers. (You know: essential, but stuff people hate buying for themselves…)

4. A Satin Nightie


Dalia Satin & Lace Chemise



After a romp in the sheets, one of the greatest feelings is throwing on silky pajamas. And there’s a good chance this powder blue number from Jonquil will satisfy that. It offers a little peek to what’s underneath with the added bonus of feeling silky smooth—which is basically being like being touched all over again.

Gift it to a pal who needs some extra pampering this holiday season—or throw it on your own wish list, because #need.

5. A Cotton Nightshirt


Cotton Pajama Shirt

Desmond & Dempsey


Silk and satin aren’t for everyone, especially if it means waking up all sticky and sweaty. If you’re looking to gift a little more breathability that still oozes sex appeal, opt for this cheetah-covered night shirt aptly named “His Shirt For Her.”

In it, the wearer will be able to channel every rom-com scene where a hot woman slinks around the house in their partner’s butt-skimming shirt. Only this time, it won’t be borrowed (and it’ll be way more flattering…).

6. A Sex Pillow


Inflatable Love Cushion



Help your shy friend take things up a notch by giving them this special sex pillow. They can use it to elevate their hips while experimenting with new sex positions (for deeper penetration) or lean on it for support during more intricate moves. Either way, win-win.

7. The Pom


Pom Vibrator

Dame Products


This tiny but mighty Pom may just be the best Christmas gift you’ll find. Made to mimic hand-to-vulva masturbation, you can make sure your loved one gets to unwrap super-intense vibrating pleasure that fits in the palm of their hand this holiday season. Since, ya know, everyone needs to unwind when they’re traveling…

8. A Massage Candle





Lelo’s massage candles promise you can set the mood and get a little touching in while you’re at it. Doubling as a candle and massage oil, this is the perfect gift to pair with a few “good for one massage” coupons for that special someone you love to rub on (and on and on).

9. A Couples Vibrator

Match Couples Vibrator



This little guy is OH-so-great for both the giver and the receiver. The insertable vibrator pairs with an app and remote control that your partner can use to his or her delight, plus slides into the vagina during sex to tickle both parties. And with 10 intensity levels (yeehaw!), the We-Vibe Match is an excellent choice for couples who are game for play and pleasure at the same time.

10. Handcuffs


Sports Cuffs and Tethers Kit



These are the best handcuffs of all time. They’re super-gentle on skin and crazy secure (don’t worry, there’s a key), meaning you can focus on taking sexy time to the next level. They’re an excellent option for a bride-to-be or your best friend who’s into some serious kink.

11. Lacy Lingerie


Bandage Boyshorts



Lingerie isn’t just for cis women! This incredible L.A.-based lingerie line makes underwear to accommodate all types of genitals, so you can get matching sets for both you and your partner. If lace isn’t your thing, mesh might be the way to go. Check out this major selection by Lara Intimates.

12. The Fin


Fin Vibrator

Dame Products


It wouldn’t be a gift guide without a mention of this bad boy. The Fin is the perfect vibrator for people who enjoy sex that does not include penises. It looks nothing like a penis and acts everything like a vibrator. It’s amazing—seriously. (Skeptical? Take a look at WH‘s Fin review here.)

13. A Nipple and Clit Clamp Necklace

Nipple & Clit Clamp



Sexy body chain or nipple clamp? Trick question! This pretty little number from Unbound actually does both. It’s plated in 14K gold, so it’ll take every outfit up a notch. And it doubles as a nipple and clitoris clamp—complete with adjustable pressure options. Buy one for yourself or your stylish friend who’ll squeal with delight by her new accessory-slash-toy.

14. A Moisture-Resistant Blanket


Moisture-Resistant Blanket



Sex is messy. Got a germ freak in your life? Gift them this blanket so they never have to fall asleep in those sexy juices again! Plus, it’s machine-washable—easy peasy.

15. Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Satisfyer Pro Traveler



This petite vibrator packs all the orgasm-inducing power of its larger Satisfyer sister, but it’s compact enough to bring along on vacay, or even just around town in a purse (because, hey, why not?).

16. A Sexy Bath Bomb

Sex Bomb



Perfect for a baller on a budget, get your partner or a cous a lush bath bomb and a bottle of bubbly for a night of sensual frivolity. Waterproof sex toy, optional.

17. A Butt Plug

njoy Pure Plug



This butt plug is kind of fancy-looking, no? It’s a beginner- to intermediate-friendly toy for those interested in anal play—including the men in your life who might be interested in exploring that prostate pleasure center.

18. Mystery Vibe Crescendo

Luxury Vibrator

Mystery Vibe


This fun bendy vibrator from MysteryVibe is a very cool toy that is relatively new to the scene, and one that works for any gender. Able to bend in every which way, this baby will find alllll your loved one’s spots. So gift it, like now.

19. Le Wand Petite

Le Wand

Le Wand Petite

Le Wand


A tried-and-true favorite, this little wand (a mini version of the OG award-winning Le Wand) packs a ton of power into a small toy. Plus, you can always pretend it’s a neck massager if your gift recipient is on the shy side. (Trust me, she’ll thank you.)

20. A Vibrator Necklace

Vesper Necklace



Got a discreet human in your life who maybe wants to explore sex toys but doesn’t want to talk about it? Or maybe you have a cousin who loves to travel and needs a vibrator they can bring around the world? Here’s your answer.

This sleek vibe doubles as a necklace that anyone could totally wear in front of their grandmother without her knowing its true function. Better yet, get it for your grandmother. You go, grandma.

Want to go beyond the tangible gifts?

Actions speak louder than gifts, after all. So here are a couple of sexy ways to keep on giving this Christmas and holiday season:

1. Ethical Porn

    Did you know that there is such a thing as ethical porn? Well there is and you can’t find it on PornHub, but you can find a lot of options on the The Center For Sexual Pleasure And Health’s website. Gift your sweetie some seriously quality porn this holiday season and never accidentally watch “Two Girls, One Cup” again.

    2. Sex-Positive Charitable Donations

    And finally, let’s give a little this holiday season. And what’s a better turn-on than proper sex education and helping queer youth? Want to give a charitable present this year? Check out queer youth-saving Trevor Project and the sex-educating masters at the CSPH.

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