Weekend Crafting…and ideas! #ChristmasinJuly

I use those battery operated tealights in Christmas village houses without lights, but when the batteries run out, I usually just throw them away because buying new button cell batteries for them would probably be more expensive than replacing the tealights themselves. This tealight snowman craft is a perfect way to repurpose them! I think they would make a cute gift too!

Snowman Tealight Ornaments


  • battery-operated tealights
  • pipe cleaner
  • pom poms (I bought a variety pack and used the 1/2″ size)
  • black permanent marker
  • glue gun
  1. Draw your snowman faces! Using a black marker I drew a mouth and eyes going over it a few times until it was dark enough.
  2. Cut your pipe cleaner into 2″ pieces and wrap around the top part of the tealight (where the eyes are).
  3. Glue pieces in place and hold down until secure.
  4. Place a dot of glue on the edges of the pipe cleaner to secure your pom poms.
  5. Take a piece of ribbon (mine were 7″ long) and make a loop, gluing into place on the back of the ornament.

Note: The tealights she used were still working apparently. Since mine probably would not be working, I would figure out a way to paint the nose, either with orange or I think orange glitter would be cute.

Craft and images by Splendry.com
Came across this cute and easy idea. Votive (or a bit larger) glass candles on a rectangular plate with bells scattered around for a quick, easy, and simply elegant centerpiece. 
Idea and image from A Night Owl blog.
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