50 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Wife (2018)

You’ve found the perfect wife, but now you have to find her the perfect gift for Christmas. Obviously, the best gifts come from the heart, and touch on a memory or experience that brought you closer to her.

But all too often, we get caught up in the drudgery of shopping and planning, which can let the perfect gift slip right under our noses. That’s why we’ve put together this widespread selection of gift ideas that will truly make your wife say “wow.”

These awesome Christmas gifts range from useful tech, to gorgeous jewelry, to luxurious beauty products, and any one of them might strike you with inspiration for the perfect gift. So read on below to check out our favorite gift ideas and make a happy wife.

And since time is up to actually order a present in time for Christmas, you can always put your budget into a Amazon eGift card as an absolute last-minute gift.

1. Coach Women’s Shoulder Inclined Shoulder Handbag

coach shoulder handbagcoach shoulder handbag


This leather Coach bag is the quintessential little black purse, a go-to look that any woman can appreciate. Coach bags are prized for their luxurious material and durable construction, and this model’s sleek and functional design makes it an easy pick.

This bag has an interior zip pocket, plus an exterior cell phone pocket. It has both small handles and a longer detachable strap for shoulder or crossbody wear. Your wife will be charmed by its chic charm, and thankful for its spacious design.

Price: $159.00

Buy the Coach Women’s Shoulder Inclined Shoulder Handbag here.

2. Ray-Ban 49mm Round Sunglasses

rayban sunglassesrayban sunglasses


Ray-Ban sunglasses have a timeless look that makes them a great match for anyone’s personal style. The round glasses design is among their most well-recognized designs, and comes in a variety of colors and lenses.

These glasses aren’t polarized, but they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Price: $70 and up

Buy the Ray-Ban 49mm Round Sunglasses here.

3. Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

bose qc35bose qc35


Bose’s QuietComfort series headphones are considered the top of the line for noise cancellation, making these headphones a great choice for the kind of wife who can’t find a moment of peace. The QC35s create that moment with active noise cancelling, thereby creating more sonic space to enjoy your favorite music.

The QC35s will adjust their EQ balance to its volume level, and provides a high-fidelity sound for any genres of listening. This headset is Bluetooth wireless, and gets up to 20 hours of battery life per charge. Meaning you can use it anytime, anywhere, for days on end.

Price: $349.00

Buy the Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones here.

4. Umbra Orchid Metal Jewelry Tree

orchid jewelry treeorchid jewelry tree


If you’ve already bought your wife the best jewelry pieces for any occasion, the next best thing you can do is make it easier for her to decide which piece to wear.

This beautiful metal jewelry tree displays necklaces, bracelets, or rings in an accessible manner. Each branch has artistic buds at the end to mimic an actual tree. The look is only enhanced by the sturdy leaf base.

Price: $25.00

Buy the Umbra Orchid Metal Jewelry Tree here.

5. Withings Activité Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

activite pop watchactivite pop watch


The Withings Activité Pop is equal parts fashion piece and activity tracker. It is a fantastic gift idea for the woman who is too refined to wear a sporty-looking Fitbit, but is nonetheless interested in tracking daily activity and monitoring sleep.

This elegant PVD-coated watch matches any outfit, and has a subtle visual tracker that monitors your percentage of progress towards your daily activity goals. Its data is sent to your phone, where it is displayed by the Health Mate App, free for Anroid or iOS phones.

This device is durable and water resistant up to 50 meters. It has a button cell that keeps the watch active for up to eight months, meaning you won’t need to constantly remove it to charge.

Price: $104.89 and up

Buy the Withings Activité Pop Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch here.

6. Glowing Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamphimalayan salt lamp


Whether she is into its mystical glow or its air purifying properties, there is a good chance your wife will dig a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps can help produce beneficial negative ions, which makes them a great addition to any bedroom or office.

The salt rock absorbs water vapor carrying allergens, which then sticks to the surface of the light. After your light has been on for a few days, you can simply wipe the surface of the light, leaving it clean to collect more contaminants in the air. It’s a nice way to purify air, and it has a calming pink glow that enhances the mood of any room.

Price: $27.99 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Glowing Himalayan Salt Lamp here.

7. Le Chateau Wine Decanter

chateau wine decanterchateau wine decanter


A wine decanter is a must have for any wine enthusiast. If that applies to your wife, she’ll be greatly appreciative of this wide-diameter decanter, designed to optimally aerate a standard 750 ml bottle of wine.

This decanter is made from hand-blown lead-free crystal, whose smooth surface helps oxygenate the wine and release its rich aroma and flavor. The slanted spout helps achieve a spill-free pour, making this a convenient addition to a bottle of wine, from start to finish.

Price: $37.99 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Le Chateau Wine Decanter here.

8. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

kindle paperwhitekindle paperwhite


If you are married to a bookworm, you know how fast one can burn through books. The Kindle Paperwhite is a book lover’s best friend, as it allows you to store and read thousands of inexpensive e-book titles on a glare-free e-ink screen.

This lightweight e-reader has a built-in backlight, a high-resolution display, and a battery life that lasts for weeks. The touchscreen Paperwhite does away with the distractions of a tablet and allows your significant other to focus on the stories that matter.

Price: $119.99

Buy the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader here.

9. Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Robe

shanghai kimono robeshanghai kimono robe


Giving your hard-working wife a luxurious Kimono-style robe is like giving her a ticket for home relaxation. Old Shanghai offers a variety of long, beautiful kimono robes that are soft to the touch.

The robe has a french seam to ensure durability, plus pockets and a sash tie closure. No matter which style you choose, this robe is sure to be a winner.

Price: $27.95 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Robe here.

10. TheopWine Decorative Wine Bottle Holder

wine bottle holderwine bottle holder


Any family that keeps a few good wine bottles around the house should have a way to show-off what’s currently up next to drink.

This bronze wine bottle holder does just that, with a branch pattern designed to safely cradle a standard wine bottle. This bottle holder comes in a free gift box, making it a great present for wine fans year ’round.

Price: $19.99

Buy the TheopWine Decorative Wine Bottle Holder here.

11. Toms Women’s Slipper Loafers

toms womenstoms womens


If your companion likes the classy look of Toms shoes, these comfortable slipper loafers will be a treat for her feet during cold mornings and evenings. These slip-on house shoes have a beautiful wool exterior with a soft and cozy fleece lining to keep your feet warm.

The shoes have a sturdy rubber sole with a modest heel for added padding. Take a peek at your wife’s size, and round up if she’s most comfortable in a half-size. You may want to bookmark this link, as well, because there’s a good chance she’ll want another pair shortly after trying these on.

Price: $34.79 and up

Buy the Toms Women’s Slipper Loafers here.

12. Lavender Eye Pillow

lavender eye pillowlavender eye pillow


Does your honey suffer from stress or migraine headaches? This silk lavender eye pillow uses aromatherapy to provide relief from these issues plus much more.

This eye mask is like a spa treatment for your eyes, and can be used cold to reduce swelling, or warm to relieve sinus pain.

Price: $11.95 (52 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Lavender Eye Pillow here.

13. Quad Function Rainfall Jet Shower Head

quad function shower headquad function shower head


This new 4-in-1 shower head will become the most luxurious part of your wife’s hygiene routine. It has a large rectangular head with a waterfall and a rainfall setting, plus a wand with a hydrating jet and its own more focused rainfall setting.

This shower head is easy to adjust, and comes in a beautiful chrome finish that will match most bathroom styles.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Quad Function Rainfall Jet Shower Head here.

14. Nice Glory Women’s Rex Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

rabbit fur infinity scarfrabbit fur infinity scarf


If your wife appreciates luxury clothing, then she will be enamored with this fur infinity scarf from Nice Glory. These scarves are handmade from real rabbit fur, so make sure you know your wife’s stance on fur clothing before purchasing one of these.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Nice Glory Women’s Rex Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf here.

15. MoMA Designer Sky Umbrella

moma sky umbrellamoma sky umbrella


If your wife dreams of blue skies when it rains, this designer umbrella a beautiful blue sky print on the underside is a thoughtful and inspiring gift.

This umbrella is an automatic open, and it has powerful reinforced steel ribs that stand up against heavy winds. This cheery umbrella makes you feel like the sun will come out tomorrow.

Price: $29.99

Buy the MoMA Designer Sky Umbrella here.

16. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

nano titanium dryernano titanium dryer


Does your wife spend ages drying her hair after coming out of the shower. She has probably never known anything other than the most basic dryers, which is why she will love when you introduce her to the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer.

It may cost quite a bit more than other dryers, but it will dry her hair in half the time without scorching her lovely locks. Its basic control setup might not suggest anything special, but take it from the hundreds of reviewers: this is the last hair dryer she’ll ever need.

Price: $79.95

Buy the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer here.

17. Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier

five light chandelierfive light chandelier


Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the mood of a room. And an elegant hanging light fixture like the Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier will add a sophisticated atmosphere to any situation.

This oil-rubbed bronze orb has a distinct and classic look, which pairs nicely with a set of vintage incandescent light bulbs like these. The chandelier hangs from a chain and is easy to assemble, so you’ll have no trouble setting it up where you please.

Price: $172.47 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Canarm Sumerside 5 Light Chandelier here.

18. Amazon Echo

amazon echoamazon echo


If your wife aims to regain control of her digital life, then the Amazon Echo is the right tool for the job. The Echo is a wi-fi enabled, voice-controlled speaker that can play you streaming music, answer questions, read audiobooks, and more.

The Alexa Voice Service is a growing cloud service that can help you interact with apps and control music playback with your voice. The system now works with connected home systems like WeMo, Hue, Nest, and Samsung Smart Things, greatly enhancing the Echo’s utility if you are already on one of these systems.

Price: $179.99

Buy the Amazon Echo here.

19. Meadow Log Fountain

meadow log fountainmeadow log fountain


Nothing enhances a calm and relaxing atmosphere like flowing water. This cascading meadow log fountain from Harmony Fountains is an absolutely beautiful outdoor water feature made from lightweight fiberglass.

It sets up easily out of the box, and the fountain complements its low-splash water ambiance with a soft glowing LED light at night. This artisan fountain will surely catch the eye of your beloved, especially if she is a backyard enthusiast.

Price: $199.99 (39 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Meadow Log Fountain here.

20. Alessi Mediterraneo 11-1/2-Inch Fruit Holder

alessi fruit holderalessi fruit holder


This Mediterraneo bowl by Alessi is an eye-catching centerpiece for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the ocean. This bowl is an artistic rendering of sea coral, re-imagined in a way that can be used to hold a number of different goods. The bowl is available in red, black, or shiny silver.

Price: $109.97

Buy the Alessi Mediterraneo 11-1/2-Inch Fruit Holder here.

21. Hickory Farms Celebration Collection

hickory farms baskethickory farms basket


Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers? That was obviously a rhetorical question, because everyone loves cheese and crackers. This Summer Sausage Collection from Hickory Farms offers 5 different cheeses, 3 smokey summer sausages, and a container of golden toasted crackers. It is sure to provide some delightful snacking on her special day.

Price: $50.00

Buy the Hickory Farms Celebration Collection here.

22. Frog Lovers Garden Sculpture

frog garden sculpturefrog garden sculpture


Garden statues are always a nice piece to spice up the look of your wife’s favorite spot to lounge. This cute aluminum frog statue depicts two lovers on a bench. This 18-inch tall statue is a nice reminder of the love you share for your partner.

Price: $67.00 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Frog Lovers Garden Sculpture here.

23. Oster Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

oster wine openeroster wine opener


For the wine lover in your life, Oster’s rechargeable wine opener will help keep the good times rolling. This nifty cordless device can uncork bottles with the touch of a button.

It has a foil cutter on it, and includes a stainless steel cooler to keep the bottle cold for hours. The two store atop one another, but have separate power docks to keep both working at once.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Oster Rechargeable Wine Opener with Chiller here.

24. Gianna Rose Seashell Soaps in a Pearlized Shell Dish

seashell soapsseashell soaps


Does the beach hold any special memories for you and your wife? If so, this seashell soap collection will be a thoughtful reminder. These triple-milled soaps are shaped to look like different sea creatures, and come in a naturally polished abalone shell.

The fragrance is a refreshing balance of white honeysuckle and baby jasmine, and the soaps come wrapped in a letterpressed gift box. Their unique presentation truly makes these soaps treasures of the sea.

Price: $36.00

Buy the Gianna Rose Seashell Soaps in a Pearlized Shell Dish here.

25. VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils

victsing oil diffuservictsing oil diffuser


Using an oil diffuser and and some essential oils to practice aromatherapy is an often overlooked holistic health practice, which offers a number of nice benefits.

In addition to simply making your house smell nice, aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, eliminate headaches, induce sleep, reduce pain and much more. There aren’t any good kits that offer both a nice diffuser and a sample pack of essential oils, so we recommend you put your own together with a top pick for each.

VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Price: $35.99 (55 percent off MSRP)
Art Naturals Top 8 Essential Oils Price: $16.10

Buy the VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser here.

Buy the Art Naturals Top 8 Essential Oils here.

26. Brunch at Bobby’s by Bobby Flay and Stephanie Banyas

brunch at bobby flaysbrunch at bobby flays


Who doesn’t like brunch? The answer is nobody, and that’s why anyone would appreciate some amazing tips on how to spice up the best meal of the day from Bobby Flay. His brunch masterpiece is Brunch at Bobby’s: 140 Recipes for the Best Part of the Weekend.

This hardcover cookbook contains recipes for both savory morsels and lip-smacking cocktails, so whether you’re looking at an egg addict or a mimosa fiend, you’ll have the right tools at your arsenal to surprise her with a nice morning meal.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Brunch at Bobby’s by Bobby Flay and Stephanie Banyas here.

27. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

portable massage tableportable massage table


A massage table is a gift that comes with a lot of promises, but if you are willing to fulfill those promises, this might just be the greatest gift you can give to your hard-working wife.

The Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table is a full-on massage table that folds away into a carry bag when it needs to be moved or put away. The table is mafe from high-quality maple hardwood, and has a high-density foam deck with a removable face cradle, arm supports, and armrest.

The best part about owning a massage table is that it encourages reciprocal use, so unless you get stuck with some serious masseuse duty, you’ll probably get to receive a massage or two yourself.

Price: $139.56

Buy the Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table here.

28. Carhartt Women’s Equestrian Belt

carhartt equestrian beltcarhartt equestrian belt


If you don’t know the first thing about your wife’s wardrobe, you can never go wrong with some thoughtful accessories. Any outfit needs a nice belt, and this Equestrian Belt from Carhartt is just the right pick.

It is made from full-grain Italian-oiled Nubuck leather, and has a styled antique nickel-finish buckle. It holds up against regular use while staying loose and flexible where it needs to.

It is built to withstand the rugged abuse of a horseback rider, so this will make a durable and long lasting addition to her wardrobe.

Price: $23.96 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Carhartt Women’s Equestrian Belt here.

29. Mountain Woods Acacia Hardwood Cutting Board

acacia cutting boardacacia cutting board


If your wife loves to cook, she knows the value of a good cutting board. This Hardwood Cutting Board from Mountain Woods is made from rich, dark acacia wood.

The material is versatile, functional, and sustainable. The board has a juice groove on one side, and adds longevity to your knives, dulling them far less than a synthetic cutting board.

Price: $32.72 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mountain Woods Acacia Hardwood Cutting Board here.

30. Nano Jewelry Zodiac Pendant Scorpio Necklace

scorpio pendant necklacescorpio pendant necklace


Many relationships are strengthened through the hidden influence of the stars, and a Zodiac Pendant Necklace from Nano Jewelry is a great way to celebrate that.

These pendants come in gold or sterling silver designs, and feature details so fine that you will need to use the included magnifying glass to fully appreciate them.

This gift shows your significant other all of the different characteristics you love about them, and serves as a cosmic tie of sorts. You can browse through the rest of the zodiac sign designs here.

Price: $129.00

Buy the Nano Jewelry Zodiac Pendant Scorpio Necklace here.

31. Diesel Women’s L-Nix Jackets

diesel l-nix jacketdiesel l-nix jacket


Designer label Diesel offers some of the finest quality faux-leather jackets available. If you really want to wow your wife with an awesome gift, consider one of their gorgeous jacket designs, such as the L-Nix.

If you want to see more options, you can browse more women’s Diesel jackets here.

Price: $454.79

Buy the Diesel Women’s L-Nix Jackets here.

32. Philips Pasta Maker

philips pasta makerphilips pasta maker


Does your wife love fresh pasta noodles? This electric Pasta Maker from Philips is a great way to make this delicacy available any time.

This powerful pasta maker automatically mixes, kneads, and extrudes fresh pasta in under 15 minutes. You can match different kind of dough recipes with different styles of noodle and make up to a pound at a time.

Price: $239.99 (31 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Philips Pasta Maker here.

33. Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair

hanging chaise lounger chairhanging chaise lounger chair


If your S.O. has a longing to lounge, this canopied hanging lounge chair is an excellent option for relaxing on the porch or in the yard.

With a little assembly from you, you’ll have a cushioned lounger that is more comfortable than a hammock, and ready to resist any weather conditions.

Price: $149.95

Buy the Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair here.

34. Jonathan Adler Women’s Blanc Candle

jonathan adler candlejonathan adler candle


This porcelain candle holder designed by Jonathan Adler has a pure and mystical repeating face pattern that draws onlookers to linger for a moment longer and simply admire.

The candle it comes with is crisp and floral, and once it burns down, the vessel serves as a great pot for flowers or a bowl for potpourri.

Price: $78.00

Buy the Jonathan Adler Women’s Blanc Candle here.

35. 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

arabica coffee scrubarabica coffee scrub


Everyone loves a nice facial scrub, but not everyone has tried a coffee scrub. This 12 oz. container of Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub would be a great gift for your exfoliation expert.

This simple scrub combines coconut oil, shea butter, dead sea salt, and organic coffee grounds to create a natural exfoliating scrub that battles cellulite, acne, and wrinkles. It might sound weird, but if she’s willing to give it a try, she’ll love it.

Price: $14.55

Buy the 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub here.

36. Lokai Classic Balancing Bracelet

lokai balancing braceletlokai balancing bracelet


The Lokai Classic Balancing Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that keeps its wearer attuned to life’s highs and lows. Without either one of these extremes, we would not appreciate the other.

This bracelet is infused with elements from both the highest point on Earth (the peak of Mt. Everest), and the lowest point on Earth (mud from the Dead Sea). Wearing it will invoke a zen-like sense of balance between life’s craziest moments.

Price: $23.00

Buy the Lokai Classic Balancing Bracelet here.

37. Bodum 8 Cup Chambord Classic French Press

bodum french pressbodum french press


This 8 cup french press coffee maker from the Bodum Copper Classic Collection is a convenient addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal. French presses are easy to use, and allow you to prepare flavorful coffee in just 4 minutes.

The copper accents help this french press to fit in with most kitchen decor, and the shaped metal lid provides a tight seal against splashing and spilling. You’ll also be doing yourself a favor by eliminating the need for paper coffee filters.

Price: $35.14

Buy the Bodum 8 Cup Chambord Classic French Press here.

38. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

half the sky nicholas kristofhalf the sky nicholas kristof


This book by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is a compelling case for investing in the health and autonomy of women, and is a must-read for anyone who cares about human rights.

The subtitle of this book is: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The book outlines a sound strategy for doing just that, hoping to undo the damage of centuries of patriarchal rule.

But if you really want to make this book a special gift, then your job is to read it. To empower the women in your life, you must first understand what they are capable of and what obstacles stand before them. Being willing to develop that understanding alongside her is the most supportive way you can involve yourself.

Price: $10.16 and up

Buy Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn here.

39. London Fog Women’s Double Breasted Peacoat

london fog womens peacoatlondon fog womens peacoat


A peacoat is a must-have garb for keeping cozy on cold winter nights. This double-breasted peacoat from London Fog is a stylish and comfortable coat that is made from a soft wool blend. The coat comes with a fashionable scarf as well, to help round out any cold weather ensemble.

Price: $109.29

Buy the London Fog Women’s Double Breasted Peacoat here.

40. Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

hamilton beach electric kettlehamilton beach electric kettle


Serious tea lovers tend to have to compete for stove top real estate when they are brewing cups of tea all day long. The Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle alleviates that issue, while offering a quick boil with auto shutoff.

Price: $28.49 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle here.

41. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

folding magnetic bikefolding magnetic bike


Riding bikes is always a fun activity, but weather conditions and the need for maintenance might hold your favorite pedal pushing wife back from taking daily rides. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is a compact solution for keeping your legs fit without having to commit several hours to a ride.

This set has a magnetic tension control system with 8 different settings, and keeps track of your ride time, distance, speed, and heart rate while you use it.

Price: $124.57

Buy the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse here.

42. Princess Perfume for Women by Vera Wang

princess perfume vera wangprincess perfume vera wang


Every woman loves to smell nice, and odds are that your wife already has her favorite scent. If you know which perfume she prefers to wear, then by all means, stick to your guns.

But if you don’t, she might like to branch out with the sheer, fruity floral scent of Vera Wang’s Princess fragrance. This 3.4 ounce bottle comes in a cute heart shape with a crown cap on top that’s truly fit for a princess.

Price: $24.95

Buy the Princess Perfume for Women by Vera Wang here.

43. Coop Home Goods Queen Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillowmemory foam pillow


A good night of sleep is possibly the best gift you can give someone who tosses and turns at night. And the secret to changing that may just be a new pillow. Many who still use lumpy down pillows don’t yet realize what a big change it is switching to memory foam.

Let me tell you myself, memory foam pillows are truly the way to go. This hypoallergenic pillow provides lift, cushiness, and consistency to your night of sleep, whether you sleep on your back, side, or front.

Price: $52.99

Buy the Coop Home Goods Queen Memory Foam Pillow here.

44. Sivan Yoga Starter Set

sivan yoga starter setsivan yoga starter set


Whether your wife has already invested some time into the art of yoga, or is just starting to take interest in daily stretching, a full-on yoga set may be the push she needs to make health a lifelong habit.

This starter set from Sivan includes a high quality yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a mat towel and hand towel for sweat, plus a sturdy strap for helping deep stretches.

Price: $39.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sivan Yoga Starter Set here.

45. Buttons & Pleats Women Plaid Blanket Scarf

plaid blanket scarfplaid blanket scarf


A cozy scarf is always nice to have, especially when it also works as a shawl or wrap like this acrylic scarf from Buttons & Pleats. This versatile plaid scarf is warm and comfortable, and just right for gift-giving.

Price: $14.95

Buy the Buttons & Pleats Women Plaid Blanket Scarf here.

46. Large Wood Storage Trunk

large wood storage trunklarge wood storage trunk


A vintage wooden storage trunk like this one is an awe-inspiring gift that captures the imagination and can serve about a hundred uses. Some purchasers have filled it with smaller gifts for their beloved, while others let the trunk itself serve as the centerpiece for new ideas.

The shipping is a bit pricey, but even when you combine it with the base price, this trunk is plenty cheaper than options from other vendors.

Price: $143.95 (47 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Large Wood Storage Trunk here.

47. Nest Learning Thermostat

nest thermostatnest thermostat


The Nest Thermostat is a touchscreen thermostat that makes setting the right temperature from your phone a breeze. This smart device hooks up to your WiFi and allows you to control the temperature from a phone, tablet, or PC.

It can also connect to other nest products, which include security cameras, smoke alarms, and more. This product will learn the temperatures you prefer within a week, and it will even save energy by lowing the heat when nobody is home. If you are looking to bring your home into the future, the Nest Thermostat is a great diving off point.

Price: $249.00

Buy the Nest Learning Thermostat here.

48. Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs

hibermate sleep maskhibermate sleep mask


Let’s cut to the chase: if you are a snorer or sleep talker, you owe it to your partner to get them a serious sleep mask. Ear plugs will do it for some, but for others, you need full ear coverage to block out the sound of sawing logs.

This satin sleep mask from Hibermate is luxurious and breathable, but the best part about it is its built-in ear muffs. This gift will help with traveling, camping, and for many, just surviving through the incessant noise of the night.

Price: $59.95 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs here.

49. Crystal Allies Polished Agate Geode Decorative Bookends

agate decorative bookendsagate decorative bookends


If your wife loves crystals, these Polished Agate Geode Bookends from Crystal Allies are a great piece of decorative flair to spice up a shelf display or a growing book collection.

Each pair will weigh a total of 1 to 3 lbs, and come in a number of matching colors, including black, blue, pink, purple, red, and teal. Every rock pair is unique, and therefore, will be able to handle varying loads of books. But no matter what size and shape you end up with, she will be charmed with the geometric crystal patterns.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Crystal Allies Polished Agate Geode Decorative Bookends here.

50. Design Toscano Wild Stallion Horses Statue

wild horse statuewild horse statue


Design Toscano makes all sorts of amazing statues and sculptures that might fit your wife’s personal interests. This crushed stone hand-cast statue of wild stallion is just one of many great options, there are many more to explore.

Does your wife have a different spirit animal? You can browse more animal statues available here.

Price: $72.99 (6 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Design Toscano Wild Stallion Horses Statue here.

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