Blue Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is a time of giving, but this year instead of buying a necktie, pajamas, or sweater for your favorite cop, how about something he or she can really use. Cops love gifts they can use on the job or off duty, so let’s look at some ideas to make that special cop in your life surprised and excited.

·        Tactical knife. Cops love knives and use them both on the job and off. In fact, they use a knife more often than their gun. Folding knives with serrated blades are your best choice. Some even have built-in seat belt cutters. You can’t go wrong with buying a knife for a cop, even if your officer already has one, they’re sure to love this gift.

·         If your budget will allow it, how about buying your LEO a gun. Handguns or long guns make a fantastic gift that will put you in good stead for a long, long time.

·         Don’t have a lot of money to spend? Ammunition is always a welcome gift. Whether it’s street loads or practice, your special cop will love you for ammo they can throw down range and keep their skills sharp.

·         Handcuffs. While many departments issue cuffs, an extra pair is always a welcome addition to the tool belt. If your LEO has never had a set of hinged cuffs, you might consider a pair. Hinge cuffs frustrate those thugs who have a habit of manipulating their chain cuffs from the rear to the front.

·         Flashlights are another great gift idea for the LEO. Many cops carry only one but carrying two flashlights is recommended. Today, several companies offer an array of high lumen lights that are extremely compact and reasonably priced.

·         Books. If you’ve followed many of my articles on, you’ll recall that I’ve reviewed several books written by present and retired LEOs that I recommend. Everyone should maintain a reference library aimed at honing their craft.

·         Phone case. This is a very practical gift that can be used 24/7. Cops are always running, jumping, falling, or fighting. Their phones are often dropped, kicked, or screens smashed. Buying a protective case, one that is waterproof, dustproof, etc., makes perfect sense.

·         Warrior Rack. What? It’s a free-standing rack you hang most of your cop stuff on. Instead of throwing your gear on the floor in the corner or on a chair, Warrior Rack allows you to store your gear in one place on a free-standing rack. It holds your ballistic vest, duty belt, radio, flashlight, etc., and even has a lock box for your duty weapon.

·         Seminars and training classes. If your LEO has expressed an interest in attending a seminar or conference, paying the fee for such an experience is a practical and potentially life-saving gift.

·         Gear bag. LEOs carry a lot of stuff to and from the job. The ability to be able to put all the essentials in one bag in an organized fashion is critical. Look for bags made of durable material and with plenty of compartments.

·         Search gloves. Searching some places and some people can be a disgusting and dangerous chore. A good pair of gloves, ones that combat the prick of a needle or other sharp objects, can help your LEO stay safe and make his job more pleasant.

Some of the aforementioned gifts, like a firearm, can be expensive. However, if your budget is limited, the best gift you can give your special LEO this Christmas is your love and support. Letting him or her know they are the most important thing in your life is … PRICELESS!


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