Mom To Mom: Christmas Gift Ideas

I don’t know if you all are like me, but I find myself in a state of confusion every year, when trying to buy Christmas gifts for my kids. I always find myself buying toys and junk that they literally play with for one day and I never see again. So this year I’m switching things up a bit. I am trying to separate my gifts into specific categories.

The first category is something they want. This is your big ticket item. This is your big gift from Santa. This is what they’re going to be so surprised to see in front of the tree that morning. The next category is something they need, and this could be anything from a new soccer ball, or a new basketball, or something that they do in a specific hobby. The next category is something that they wear. Now, this could be anything from a new coat for a specific brand that they love, or even Christmas pajamas that they wear the night before Christmas. The next category is something they read. This could be the next book in the big series that they’re reading, or it could even be a magazine subscription that they receive every month throughout that year. And the last category is something they do. Now, this could be anything from movie tickets, event tickets, or a fun family outing.

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These are just a few of the categories that I’m choosing to focus on this year, and I’d love to hear what you guys do, what your thoughts and ideas are for your Christmas gifts. Connect with me on Facebook, and I’ll see you all next week. – Sarah Pannell

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