40 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Gorgeous Holiday Presents

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Wrapping presents is one of those things people either love or love. For those who happen to possess a natural talent for tying bows and measuring gift wrap, it’s a joy. But for the people who consistently show up to the White Elephant party with a with a gift that looks like it was thrown out a window, fell several stories, and then got hit by a car or three after being wrapped, it’s less a beloved past time and more a daunting chore. Fear not. Believe it or not, it doesn’t actually take Martha Stewart genes to wrap a gorgeous present. All it takes is a little creative thinking and some help from the good, old Internet.

Most people wish they were better at wrapping gifts, and they’d be surprised to know how simple it can actually be. A sprig of evergreen, a fancy wrapping paper fold, or even just adding a few extra ribbons or bows will do the trick. These particular gift wrapping ideas incorporate everything from DIY hand painted wrapping paper to beautiful craft store birds and painted letters. And each of them achieves a unique, decorative look without requiring a ton of extra money, time, or effort. it’s a win-win, really.

These gift wrapping techniques are perfect for the pile of presents under the family tree, the silly gift at a white elephant party, or even for the the corporate holiday party, and they’ll have everyone asking how to recreate the gorgeous designs. Whether it’s a gift for a kid who loves dinosaurs or a fancy present fit to impress a mother-in-law, these won’t disappoint. Grab some Scotch tape and a roll of festive paper and check out these 40 stunning gift wrapping ideas to pull off Christmas presents so pretty it’ll be hard for anyone to open them.

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