Nifty Things’ Popular Christmas Gift Ideas: Interchangeable Jewelry, Boom Bricks

Christmas is a little over a month away, and if you haven’t started your shopping yet, now may be a good time to get started.

A great way to do it? Shopping locally.

Martee Hickman, owner of Nifty Things, has a few ideas for the ladies and men in your life.


Almost every girl would like a piece of bling, and nifty things has two special kinds that might catch her eye.

Interchangeable rings where the heads screw on, allowing you to choose different styles and colors each day. The shop also sells the Spanish jewelry brand Uno de 50.

“Very popular,” Hickman says. “We have everything from dragonflies to chunky rings… If you’ve been on a cruise in the Mediterranean, they have started on the cruise ships. People who have been on one will come in and recognize the line. Really excellent, it’s very heavy, and fun to wear.”


Men and women alike can enjoy the Boom Brick, a high-tech speaker with a wooden exterior that amplifies your phone’s sound without Bluetooth.

“All you have to do is lay your phone on top of it. It will pick up the sounds and make it sound like you’re on a stereo,” Hickman says.

Other great gift items in the store:

Woodsy Christmas items for the cabin-home decor, unicorns, mermaids, flamingos, swag for the Detroit Red Wings, MSU, UofM and more.

For more information on Nifty Things, based in Traverse City, Suttons Bay, Alden And Elk Rapids, visit

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