Poll: Have you started the Christmas shopping yet?

Source: Niall Carson

ALTHOUGH WE STILL haven’t gotten Halloween out of the way, there are plenty of retailers who are more than ready for Christmas. 

The supermarkets are now full of selection boxes and Christmas treats. We won’t name any names, but a certain luxury department store (whose name rhymes with ‘frown promise’) opened their Christmas shop on the 16th of August this year. We were barely finished our heatwave when they decked out their top floor with Christmas trees, decorations and gift ideas.

Christmas shopping
Source: Niall Carson

In one sense, most people would need four months to save for half of the stuff that store sells in their Christmas department. However, it’s not really fair to start building up children’s anticipation for Christmas before they’ve even returned to school. 

For most people, the idea of going Christmas shopping in October (never mind August) is completely ridiculous. However, it’s worth remembering that city centre streets look like this once we get halfway through November:

Christmas shopping
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That photograph is enough to evoke a shudder in anybody. So maybe it’s not that crazy to start getting a few bits out of the way now, in order to give yourself a more relaxing December. What do you think? 

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 

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