Goofs In The Polar Express Movie

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The video above lists various supposed goofs and a round about review of the animated 2004 Christmas movie The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. It’s also a great way to see the movie in a free condensed form courtesy of fair use. I feel a lot of the goofs could be explained by the fact that The Polar Express is a magical train infused with The Spirit Of Christmas. However, the train portrayed in the movie isn’t much like the real Polar Express that is one of several methods one may travel to North Pole City.

The real Polar Express is a joyous train brimming full of Christmas decor, Elves, and toys come to life dancing about with glee. Then there’s the prancing penguins and other adorable animals. In essence the enchanted train is an extension of Santa’s winter wonderland. The Conductor is a jolly gentleman much like Santa Claus. Also there’s no angry hobo living on the roof. The entire train is under a powerful protection spell to guarantee the safety of all passengers! Click Here To Watch The Polar Express Online…

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