50 Cool Gifts For Men: The Ultimate List (2018)

Every year, Heavy.com blasts your social feeds with all of the shopping lists you could ever need, ranging from the best new toys of the year to the best gifts for women to the best purple Christmas decorations.

Now, it’s the men’s turn. Admittedly, finding the perfect gift for a man can be tough, as you’re not going to buy the same gifts for your husband as you would for your father, and the gift you’d buy for your boyfriend of a few months probably wouldn’t be the same gift that you’d buy for your brother.

There are some basic gift-giving rules to keep in mind. First, with Christmas, we like to go with a three tier system for the most important men: a splurge lavish gift as a big present, a mid-range gift that’s something useful (clothes, tools, etc), and then a less expensive personal gift that you just know they’re going to love. Secondly, if you’re buying a gift for someone at the office, stay away from alcohol or alcohol-related gifts, and don’t spend a fortune. Third, try to stay away from actual video games and Blu-ray movies unless you KNOW, for a fact, that they don’t already have it.

In the ultimate Christmas list below, you’ll find the top 50 cool gifts for men, ranging from cool new tech, style essentials, hobbyist picks, and snack gifts. Whether they’re the tech type, the outdoorsman, the gamer, the fashion forward male, or a beer-drinkin’, football-watchin’, snack-eatin’ foodie, the list below has you covered with some great gift ideas.

Without further ado, here are 50 incredibly cool gifts for men for 2018:

1. Nanoleaf Aurora LED Lights Smarter Kit

best gifts for menbest gifts for men

I can’t stress enough how much I’ve fallen in love with my Nanoleaf Aurora Light. It’s an incredibly cool smart lighting system that’s controlled via an app on your phone, and it spits out 16.7 million colors and ranging from 1200K-6500K white light. The starter kit comes with 9 large, LED triangles that can be arranged however he feels like arranging them (as long as they’re connected to each other). The lights are brilliant, and they add a nice techy-touch to any room’s decor.

But on top of being just good-looking lights, they can be functional as well, as the Nanoleaf app works with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, Apple Home kit, and my personal favorite, IFTTT. What can these lights do? Well, I have mine hooked up to IFTTT for a number of different functions. If tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow, the lights will turn to an animated light and blue light scene. If it’s raining out right now, my lights will animated in a way that looks like water drops hitting puddles. If I get a new tweet, the light will turn a Twitter shade of blue. If my phone’s battery drops below 10%, my light will look like an emergency vehicle, flashing red and white. See. super functional.

If he’s shown any interest in smart lighting at all, the Nanoleaf Aurora LED Lights Smarter Kit is a great gift idea.

Price: $209.99

Buy the Nanoleaf Aurora Lights Smarter Kit here.

2. Xbox One X 1TB Console

xbox one xxbox one x

I’ve been a gamer ever since my father brought home the original NES on launch day and we played hours of Super Mario Bros. Gaming has certainly come a long way in 2017, and on November 7th, the most powerful video game console to date, the Xbox One X, launched. The Xbox One X brings console gaming to full 4K with HDR full color gamut and more power under the hood. Games will run the best on the Xbox One X, and it also has a 4K Blu-Ray player and media streamer (so 4K Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix will work great).

If he’s really into gaming, and cares about having the best of the best, the Xbox One X is hands-down the gift for him. Also, check out the essential Xbox One X enhanced games available right now.

Price: $499.99

Buy the Xbox One X 1TB Console here.

3. JORD Wooden Walnut Watch

walnut watch jordwalnut watch jord

In 2017, you might not think he’d need a watch, with smartphones serving as our go-to timepiece nowadays. But you can’t beat a classic-looking watch when it comes to style, and a nice, high-quality watch is an essential. Look at the JORD Wooden Walnut Watch collection, which is hand-made from 100% natural Walnut wood. It has a black face and hands underneath its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover.

You can rest-assured knowing you’re buying him the top-selling premium wood watch brand in the world. If he takes his style seriously, or you want him to, the JORD Wooden Walnut Watch is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Price: $219.00

Buy the JORD Wooden Walnut Watch here.

4. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender

cool gifts for mencool gifts for men

There isn’t a device in my kitchen that I love more than my Nutri Ninja Blender, and this year, Nutri Ninja introduced the Auto-iQ, a more powerful/slightly smarter version. If he’s an on-the-go business man or just likes a quick smoothie now and then, the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ will become his new best friend. It comes with 2 cups (one 18 ounce and one 24 ounce) with sip and seal lids, so he can easily make a morning smoothie/shake, pop on the lid, and take it to go. Super easy, and if it gets him consuming more fruits and veggies, there’s another bonus.

Price: $95.99

Buy the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Blender here.

5. Philips Hue Color A19 Starter Kit

philips huephilips hue

The Philips Hue Color A19 Starter Kit is also another great way to add smart LED lighting to your home. Unlike the Nanoleaf Aurora, these don’t hang from your wall. Instead, they screw into any regular A19 light socket. The kit comes with 3 bulbs and the required hub, and they can be controlled with a smartphone app (iOS or Android). These are a great way to add dynamic lighting to his home, whether he wants a more dynamic home theater, a smarter office, or just a more colorful living room. The Philips Hue Bridge connects to IFTTT, Alexa, Apple Homekit, and more, and there are extra apps available that add other functionalities to the lights (like making them a strobe light, for instance).

Price: $135.99

Buy the Philips Hue Color A19 Starter Kit here.

6. Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat

honeywell wifi thermostathoneywell wifi thermostat

Is your dad or husband always complaining about someone messing with the thermostat? Does he roll his eyes every time you tell him you’re cold? Does he forget to turn the heat down when he leaves for the day? Give him the gift of being able to control the temperature right from his smartphone, whether he’s in the house or at the office.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat comes in at $126 on Amazon, and it’s a great gift for someone building a smart home.

Price: $126

Buy the Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat here.

7. V-MODA Remix Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker

v-moda bluetooth speakerv-moda bluetooth speaker

Audiophiles with a need for clarity should look no further than the V-MODA Remix Bluetooth Hi-Fi Metal speaker. It has impressive sound, especially when you factor in its size. Bassy lows and clear highs make this Bluetooth speaker sound stunning, and it’s no wonder why it’s so highly rated, sporting a 4.7 out of 5.0 review average on Amazon.

It’s available in black on black or silver on black, and we recommend the silver, as it’s the better-looking of the two. What’s more, there are also customizable faceplates sold by V-MODA where you can upload your own design and they’ll 3D print it for a little extra.

Price: $299.99

Buy the V-MODA Remix Speaker here.

8. Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus

qumi q3qumi q3

Is he a frequent camper? Does he love watching movies? Check out the highly portable Vivitek Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket DLP Projector. This thing is perfect for camping trips or impromptu blanket fort movie watching. It has a battery life of 2 hours, and it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (so he’s able to connect it to his favorite Bluetooth speaker for better sound).

The LED bulb has 30,000 hours of life, and it runs Android 4.4.2, meaning he can get all of his favorite media apps right on the device without the need to hook anything up externally (although he can do that as well).

I’ve used this thing to watch movies with my kids in the backyard, in the kitchen to follow along with recipes, and in my bedroom to watch Netflix on the ceiling while laying in bed. It certainly comes in handy, and it’s something that he’ll likely get a lot of use out of.

Price: $199

Buy it here.

9. Plantronics Rig 800LX Wireless headset for Xbox One

plantronics rig 800lxplantronics rig 800lx

The Plantronics Rig 800LX wireless headset for Xbox One is, hands-down, the best Xbox One headset available right now. It features Dolby Atmos for headphones audio (perfect for the new Xbox One X, by the way), and it has a super long-lasting battery that lasts up to 24 hours. Also, a half hour charge will provide another 1.5 hours of gaming.

It also has an incredibly comfortable design, thanks to memory foam ear cups and suspension headband technology.

Best of all, however, is that it’s ENTIRELY wireless; there’s no cord from the headset to the controller, either.

Price: $149.99

Buy the Rig 800LX headset here.

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10. Limitless Coffee Whole Bean Air Roasted Coffee: Cleanest Cup of Coffee on Earth

limitless coffeelimitless coffee

For the foodie/coffee snob, the gift of a wholesome, complete, full-bodied coffee can’t be beaten. I’m constantly on the search for the best cup of joe I can find, and at home, you won’t find any better than Limitless Coffee’s Geisha Premium coffee.

It’s made from an extremely rare Giesha plant that’s found only at high elevations in tropical countries, and the beans are the cleanest beans you’ll find. Because of the unique roasting process of the beans, carcinogens and the bitter taste are eliminated.

If he LOVES a great cup of coffee, check out Limitless.

Price: 29.72

Buy the Limitless Coffee here.

11. Microsoft Surface Laptop

microsoft surface 2017microsoft surface 2017

You’ve probably seen the hipster-fueled commercials for the all-new Microsoft Surface laptop already, and if you can ignore those cringeworthy 30-second spots, the Microsoft Surface Laptop is great. What sets the Surface apart from other Windows 10 laptops is its design, giving a professional look with a slim body. But on top of that, it has some impressive specs available, including an i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB model. The i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB model is more affordable, and depending on his needs, he might not need the extra power.

Still, it’s a great-looking laptop that brings the power along with it. It’s available in Cobalt, Burgundy, Platinum, and Graphite Gold.

Price: $1,279.00

Buy the Microsoft Surface Laptop here.

12. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: Revised and Updated Edition

cool gifts for mencool gifts for men

Music can be the lifeblood for many, and if he’s always looking for great music to listen to, then he needs this book: 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die: Revised and Updated Edition. It starts at the 1950s and goes through each decade, picking out the 1,001 albums that need to be heard. It’s also a great coffee table book for his guests.

Price: $28.45

Buy This Book on Amazon.

13. Amazon Echo Plus

echo plusecho plus

Amazon introduced a brand new line of their ECHO devices earlier this year, including the Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Look. Our pick is the Amazon Echo Plus (which right now comes with a Hue Bulb). The Echo Plus is the first essential for starting a smart home, allowing users to control their lives with their voices. Need to know what the weather is going to be tomorrow? Ask Alexa. Need to change the temperature in your home? Tell Alexa. Need to change the smart lights to party mode? Tell Alexa to get the party started.

Amazon’s smart assistant is the best available, and that’s why the Echos are so highly recommended.

Price: $149.99 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Amazon Echo Plus here.

14. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

aftershokz trekz titaniumaftershokz trekz titanium

Bone Conduction Headphones are awesome, and there’s really no denying that. These AfterShokz Trekz Titanium are great for runners who want to be able to run safely with the ability to hear the environment around them while still being able to hear their tunes loud and clear. It’s also great for dads/husbands doing work around the house so that they can still hear their children or wife.

These headphones have 6 hours of music per charge, and they’re available in pink, red, ivy green, ocean blue, and slate grey.

Price: $98.95 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium here.

15. Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse


The Logitech G903 Wireless gaming mouse is, hands-down, the best gaming mouse on the planet — and I don’t just mean wireless gaming mice, either. This mouse is flawless, save for its higher than average price tag. But you really do get what you pay for, here. The G903 uses Lightspeed wireless tech that features 1ms report rate for competition-ready twitch targeting. It also has a DPI that can be changed on the fly, without having to pick up your mouse (which is super helpful when you’re switching from using an automatic weapon to, say, a sniper).

Even if he’s not a gamer, having a wireless mouse that feels this good is an absolute must if they’re a frequent PC user.

Price: $126.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse here.

16. Roku 4 4K Streaming Media Player

Roku 4Roku 4

For the streaming media junkie, the Roku 4 can’t be beat. It has over 2,500 streaming channels available, including Netflix, Hulu, Sling, ESPN, and so many more, ranging from movies to TV shows to music to news and even kids programming. Best of all, it has 4K capabilities, so he’ll be able to stream the highest quality content available on his 4K TV. It also up-rezzes 720p and 1080p streams to 4K for 4K TVs.

Setup is also ridiculously easy and intuitive, and it’s up and running in no-time.

If he’s a Stranger Things-watchin’ kind of man, the Roku 4 makes one of the best gifts for men. Also check out our ultimate guide to cord cutting in 2017.

Price: $98 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Roku 4 here.

17. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone 1080p

cool gifts for mencool gifts for men

Take one of the biggest brands that has the best drones for sale in the industry, and then add in a portability component, and you’ve got yourself the DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone. This cool lookin’ little guy folds up neatly for easy transport, whether you’re going to the beach, the park, the mountain, or wherever else. It records 1080p/30fps, and it hits a top speed of 31 mph in Sport Mode. The Spark has a 16 minute flying time, and it has a 1.2 mile range. All of the footage can be controlled, edited, and shared right in the DJI Go App.

The DJI Spark is a great tool for amateur photographers, but also a great deal of fun for drone enthusiasts.

Price: $499

Buy the DJI Spark Drone here.

18. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

mr beer craft beer kitmr beer craft beer kit

Nothing beats a great beer after a long day, unless, of course, you actually made that great beer yourself. The #1 best-selling home brewing starter set is the Mr. Beer Premium Gold edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit, which comes with enough ingredients to make 4 gallons of beer, and it uses a specially-designed, one-step brewing fermenter that makes everything easy.

This beer kit comes with easy to understand instructions for how to make great craft beer at home, and it makes the beer carbonation process as easy as dropping premade drops into the bottle of fermented liquid.

If he loves a good brew, chances are he’s been curious about how to make his own.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit here.

19. Braun Series 9

christmas gifts for menchristmas gifts for men

Braun’s newest electric shaver is the Braun Series 9, which claims to be the world’s most efficient and comfortable shaver on the planet. It has five specialized shaving elements that eliminate more hair in one stroke, allowing him to make fewer strokes and, therefore, giving him less skin irritation. It also has two specialized trimmers to capture those tricky hairs.

It has a unique 5-action Clean & Charge station that cleans, lubricates, and dries the shaver with the simple press of a button. It’s just another reason why the Braun Series 9 is considered the gold standard for electric shaving. On a single charge, he’ll get 50 minutes of shaving time.

Price: $249.97

Buy the Braun Series 9 here.

20. Pixie GPS Trackers (2 Pack)

[embedded content]

If he’s constantly losing things (I’m guilty of that, too!), check out the Pixie GPS trackers. Pixie is a unique tracker that’s not only super small (about the size of a guitar pick), but it also uses Augmented Reality to actually show the user where their lost items are. He can attach one to his wallet, his luggage, his keys, or anything else he frequently loses, and with the touch of a button, he’ll be able to find the item. No more tearing about the house or retracing his steps!

Price: $29.99

Buy the Pixie 4 Pack here.

21. Victrola Aviator Wood 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

victrola bluetooth speakervictrola bluetooth speaker

An 8-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable that has the classic look of an old radio? Count me in! This beautifully designed, wooden music box is Bluetooth enabled, so it can not only play CDs, cassette tapes, the radio, vinyl records, or anything with an RCA plug, but it can also play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Score.

Old school cool meets new school technology — what’s not to like?

Price: $121.26

Buy the Victrola Aviator Wood Bluetooth Turntable here.

22. Casper Mattress

casper mattresscasper mattress

Box spring and traditional mattresses have severely dropped in popularity over the past few years, and it’s mostly thanks to Casper Mattresses. This mattress arrives at your door in a box, and it’s made of memory foam, with a 4-layer construction for support, breathability, and bounce. It uses an open-cell top layer that uses convection and conduction to flow heat away from your body as your sleep so that you won’t wake up in a sweat. Instead, he’ll be cool and comfortable. It also has a risk free 100 night trial, and if he does decide to keep it (which he likely will) it has an impressive 10 year warranty.

Price: $1,150 (King Size)

Buy the Casper Mattress here.

23. Big Joe Media Lounger

big joe media loungerbig joe media lounger

Laying down on the couch makes you feel lazy, and sitting on it makes you feel uncomfortable. He needs something in between, and that’s where the Big Joe Media Lounger Comes in. Basically, it’s a bean bag chair for adults. It has roughly a 6-foot diameter, and it’s filled with super spongy, upcycled shredded Fuf foam. There’s also more Fuf sold separately for when it starts to lose its shape after a couple of years.

Price: $91.45 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Big Joe Media Lounger here.

24. Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

fizzics waytapfizzics waytap

The Fizzics Waytap is a beer dispenser that basically makes the average beer at home feel more like a draft beer, with better head and better taste. It’s super simple to use, too, and there’s no gas, chemicals, or proprietary parts used. Simply place your 12 ounce beer (or cans up to 25 ounces) into the device, and pour it like you would from any taproom.

Price: $129.99

Buy the Fizzics Waytap here.

25. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

rocketbook wave smart notebookrocketbook wave smart notebook

Using paper to take little notes here and little notes there is wasteful. There’s a better way that’s not only more friendly to the environment but also, well, cooler. Check out the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, which allows your hand-written notes to be transferred to the cloud for access later. What’s more, it’s not just a notebook he’ll use once, as the notebook can be erased by simply microwaving it, allowing him to reuse it over and over again.

It’s a great way to organize notes and automatically index them for later access — he’ll never lose a handwritten note again.

Price: $25.06 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook here.

26. TRAKK Shell Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker & Power Charging Backpack

trakk shelltrakk shell

The TRAKK Shell backpack that basically makes him feel like a ninja turtle. It also comes with a powerful and loud speaker and subwoofer with 20W output and max-bass technology. The backpack also has a power bank built into it, allowing you to charge all of your USB enabled devices on the go.

Price: $129.95 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Trakk Shell Backpack here.

27. Pico Pro Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico BrewPico Brew

The Pico Pro Craft Brewing Appliance makes homebrewing beer incredibly easy, and it offers a bit more nuanced options for his brews. It brews 5 litres of beer at a time, and he’ll be able to fine-tune the ABV and IBU of any of the PicoPaks to create something unique to him and his tastes. It also uses a professional CO2 force-carbonation system, meaning you’re able to enjoy your finished beer faster.

Price: $730.09 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pico Pro Craft Beer Brewing Appliance here.

28. Streamlight ProTac USB 850 Lumen Pro Tactical Flashlight

cool gifts for mencool gifts for men

Every man needs a tactical flashlight, and one of the best is the Streamlight ProTac HL with USB charging and 850 Lumens. It has a 100,000 hour lifetime with high intensity LEDs solid-state bulbs, and it can run for a continuous 7.5 hours on a single charge. It’s a high-quality flashlight that he’ll have and appreciate for years to come.

Price: $95.11

Buy the Streamlight ProTac 850 here.

29. Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner w/ USB Port

pulaski power home theaterpulaski power home theater

Give him the gift of comfort with the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner, which has its own USB charging ports hidden in the arm storage. This allows him to charge his phone or tablet while he lounges in his brand new, comfortable chair. It’s one of the highest rated recliners on Amazon.

Price: $581 ($100 Coupon available!)

Buy the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner here.

30. NFL Snack Helmet

nfl helmet snacknfl helmet snack

Eating cheese dip from a Green Bay Packers helmet has never felt so right. Check out the NFL Snack Helmets by WinCraft. If he’s a fan of the Giants, Cowboys, Packers, Broncos, Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, or Bears, he can enjoy eating his favorite snack from his favorite team’s helmet — or as I like to call it, the perfect Sunday.

Price: $49.95

Buy the NFL Snack Helmet here.

31. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker


Making espresso on the go? Count me in! The MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker is a brilliantly designed, compact and lightweight portable espresso maker that’s highly-rated. Simply put your favorite coffee beans in there, grind it up, pour over some hot water, and press the button on the side repeatedly until it stops dripping espresso. It’ll come in handy for early hunts, boat trips, hiking, or even right in the kitchen.

Price: $56.53

Buy MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker here.

32. GoPro Hero6

cool gifts for guyscool gifts for guys

The GoPro HERO6 is the latest action cam from the company that started it all. It shoots 4K 60FPS or 1080p 240FPS — ridiculously high-quality footage for any action junkie. It also has the best video stabilization yet, capturing ultra smooth footage whether it’s mounted or handheld. It’s waterproof up to 33 feet without a housing, and it has a significantly updated and improved UI.

It’s the perfect action cam for the outdoorsy man.

Price: $494.99

Buy the GoPro Hero6 here.

33. Sony Alpha a6000

sony alpha a6000sony alpha a6000

Getting high-quality snaps when you need it most can be tough to do with a smartphone, so upgrade his picture-taking game with the new Sony Alpha a6000. It takes 24MP quality pictures, and takes up to 11 snaps per second with continuous shooting. It has a 3-inch tilting LCD, and an OLED electronic viewfinder. It also has an impressive 179-point focal phase-detection and 25 contrast detect points. The resulting quality is magnificent, and top-notch cameras are always a great option for gifts for men.

Price: $548 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Sony Alpha a6000 Camera here.

34. Netgear Orbi Whole Home WiFi

orbi routerorbi router

Wi-Fi signals are finicky, and if your setup isn’t right, it can mean slower speeds, short range, and no Wi-Fi signal in the bathroom downstairs where you need it most. But he doesn’t have to be a genius to have a great router setup. Simply get him the Netgear Orbi System, which sets up a tri-band network via the router and extends it to other areas of the house with two wall plug satellites. It gives an incredibly impressive 5,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage.

Price: $349.43 (13 percent off MSRP, and save an extra $30 with a coupon at checkout)

Buy the Netgear Orbi here.

35. Fossil Defender Leather Messenger Bag

fossil defender messenger bagfossil defender messenger bag

Every man needs a solid and stylish messenger bag for their daily commute to the office. Fossil is a company that’s well-known for its craftsmanship, and the Fossil Defender Leather Messenger Bag is a great option.

Price: $268.28

Buy the Fossil Defender Leather Messenger Bag here.

36. Original Penguin Men’s Filled Colorblock Vest

original penguin vestoriginal penguin vest

Another fall and winter style essential for men is the vest, but you need to make sure you get him something that isn’t too puffy/bulky, nor one that’s too thin. This Original Penguin Men’s Colorblock Vest is the best vest you’re going to find, and it’s easily going to become a key element in his wardrobe.

Price: $175

Buy the Original Penguin Men’s Filled Colorblock Vest here.

37. Burton Clash Snowboard

burton clashburton clash

Another winter essential is a great snowboard, and if he’s due for an upgrade, check out the Burton Clash Snowboard. It has a cool design, sure, but it also provides better balance and stability. It’s perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail, making it incredibly versatile whether he’s Regular or Goofy footed. It’s fine-tuned for speed, and it’s one of the strongest boards you can buy on the market right now.

Price: $299.95

Buy the Burton Clash Snowboard here.

38. Game of Thrones Loras Tyrell Helm Replica

game of thrones helmetgame of thrones helmet

If he loves HBO’s Game of Thrones, get him this unique gift: the Loras Tyrell Helm Replica. It’s a great decorative piece that would be perfect for a home theater room or living room. If he LOVES Game of Thrones that much, this is one of the best gifts.

Price: $250

Buy the Helm Replica here.

39. Kindle Oasis

kindle oasiskindle oasis

For the bookworm in your life, the Kindle Oasis is the perfect Christmas present. It has the largest, highest resolution display out of all of the Kindles, and it reads like real paper, with no glare whatsoever. It’s also waterproof and works in bright sunlight (it’s glare-free, unlike tablets), making it the perfect beach companion. It’s thin and light, and it has 8GB of space out of the box.

If you’re looking for cool gifts for men who love to read, it doesn’t get any better than the new Kindle Oasis.

Price: $249.99

Buy the Kindle Oasis here.

40. The Carry On Cocktail Kit

christmas gifts for men 2017christmas gifts for men 2017

For the classic man and frequent flyer, check out the Carry On Cocktail Kit. It comes with all of the essential ingredients to mix up two old-fashioned cocktails, packed right into a small, travel-friendly tin. There are also other variations available, including a Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Hot Toddy, and more.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Carry On Cocktail Kit here.

41. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

hyperchiller iced coffeehyperchiller iced coffee

The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker is a super simple kitchen device that will allow him to make the perfect iced coffee in just one minute. It chills hot coffee by up to 130+ degrees in just 60 seconds, without diluting it with ice. It also works well with whiskey, wine, iced tea, and any other liquids that need rapid cooling.

Price: $29.99

Buy the HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker here.

42. Big Agnes Blacktail Tent

cool tentscool tents

One of the best gifts for men who love the outdoors is a super high-quality tent. I’m not talking about one of those dinky, cheap tents you’d find at Walmart or Target, either. Instead, get him one of the best new tents of 2017 with the Big Agnes Blacktail Tent. It’s durable and strong, and you can buy one that comfortably fits up to 4 people. It’s entirely waterproof, with a 1500mm waterproof polyurethane coating and all seams taped together with waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane tape. It’s incredibly durable and strong, and it’s going to last him for years to come.

Price: $329.95

Buy the Big Agnes Blacktail Tent here.

43. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Boot

red wing bootsred wing boots

Another style essential basic for men is a quality pair of classic boots, and the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Boot is as stylish as they come. They go great with jeans, khakis, and virtually any other pants he’ll wear this winter. They’re made from high quality leather, right here in the U.S. There are many variations available, but the best looking are the Briar Oil Slick or the Oro Legacy.

Price: $248.85

Buy the Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Boot here.

44. Fred the Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

the obsessive chef cutting boardthe obsessive chef cutting board

Getting the perfectly cubed chicken or cheese can be tough, but with the Fred & Friends The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board, getting the perfect cut every time is easy. That’s because this cutting board comes with a grid, angles, and lines that are pre-measured. It’s super helpful in the kitchen for precision recipes, or if you know he just prefers perfectly cut carrots for peas and carrots.

Price: $20.70

Buy the Fred The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board here.

45. FINEX 10″ Cast Iron Grill Pan

finex cast iron cookwarefinex cast iron cookware

Another kitchen essential is a cast iron grill pan, which will allow him to cook great steak right on the stove while not sacrificing grill lines. The FINEX Cast Iron Grill Pan is handcrafted right here in the U.S.A., and it has a good forever guarantee. It comes pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Price: $155

Buy the FINEX Cast Iron Grill Pan here.

46. Epic Bison, Bacon & Cranberry Bars

epic bison jerkyepic bison jerky

Want to give him a gift he’ll REALLY love for Christmas this year? Check out these Epic Bison, Bacon, and Cranberry Bars. The key to any man’s heart is his stomach, and these bars combine tender bison, delicious, savory bacon, and tart but a little sweet cranberries for something unlike he’s ever tasted before. It’ll become his new favorite snack.

Price: $24.69

Buy the Epic Bison, Bason & Cranberry Bars here.

47. Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

bees knees spicy honeybees knees spicy honey

Artisan honey, maple syrup, and sriracha — three kitchen essentials — that all taste great. The Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees makes a great gift for any man who loves to spice up his recipes. It comes with Bees Knees Spicy Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple Syrup, and Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha sauce. All three are delicious and highly-rated.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Spicy Trio here.

48. Barracuda Smart Collapsible Carry-On Luggage

barracuda luggagebarracuda luggage

We never stop to think about making our luggage functional. For decades, he’s probably had the same black zippered container that he’s been using for all of his trips. But now, there’s a smarter luggage brand: Barracuda. Check out the Barracuda Smart Collapsible Carry-on Luggage, which comes packed with functionality. It’s sleek and stylish, and it’s available in bold colors like red or blue. It also has a built-in 10,000mAH USB charger/battery pack that will power and charge his phone or table on the go.

It’s also collapsible, making it great for easy storage. Best of all is probably its handle, which is a 360 degree rotating ergonomic handle that allows you to pull it behind you comfortably without straining your wrist.

Price: $279.00

Buy the Barracuda Smart Carry-on Luggage here.

49. William Painter The Hook Titanium Sunglasses


Nothing beats the feeling of having a great pair of sunglasses. Seriously, nothing makes a man feel more confident than having a cool pair of shades. One of the highest-rated shades on Amazon is the Hook Titanium Wayfarer Sunglasses by William Painter. Go with the blue lenses over the grey ones.

Also, the frames double as a bottle opener, so there’s that.

Price: $165

Buy the William Painter Hook Titanium Sunglasses here.

50. Wantdo Harrington Jacket

wantdo harrington jacketwantdo harrington jacket

The Harrington jacket is also a must-have wardrobe item for winter, and believe it or not, you can get him a $46 dollar jacket that has the same look of a $250 one. Look at the Wantdo Men’s Lightwegiht Front Zip jacket. I recommend picking up the khaki one over the black, but go with whichever you think he’d like best.

Price: $45.59

Buy the Wantdo Harrington Jacket here.

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