How to save $3K before Christmas day

Start Buying Christmas Gifts that are on sale NOW

Don’t leave all the gift buying until the last few weeks before Christmas when it is mental at the shopping center. Instead, write a list of all the items you plan on buying for your family and start doing online shopping right now! Not only could you save up to 20% by shopping online, most of the time when you sign up to newsletters, but you can also get $20 off your first order or free shipping – and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Buy at $5 or $10 Gift Card Every Time You Shop

Every time you go through the checkout, ask them to add a $5 or $10 gift card to the total. Grab those gift cards and put them away – this is a great way of paying for the really large grocery shop that all of us have to do before Santa comes.

Start a Xmas Side Hustle

Many people hate putting up Christmas decorations. So why not do that for them – for a fee. This is a great seasonal job you can do that can make you great money if you have a good eye for detail. Charge around the $100.00 for the standard house (using all their own decorations) and even ask at your local Supermarket or Corner Store for some commercial work – which could score you upwards of $250.00.

Other great Xmas side hustles include:

  • Babysitting for all those Xmas parties
  • Christmas baking and cooking
  • Organising Xmas parties
  • Waitressing or Catering Jobs

Bake Gifts Instead of Buying Them

There are some people that are just impossible to buy for. Think your Grandfather or your Boss’s wife. That’s where the gift of baking works a treat. It comes from the heart and is only a few dollars to make something really special.

Examples: Nuts and Bolts, Rum Balls, Fudge

Save Every Gold Coin Between Now and Xmas

Or $5 notes – just set a goal and keep every single gold coin or $5 note you receive in the day to day life. Put it away in a money box or somewhere you won’t be tempted to spend it. This is a nifty way of saving money without ‘saving money’. Another idea to get an empty 2-liter bottle of soft drink – wash it out and fill it with $2 coins. Once full – that bottle will be worth a huge $1500.00.

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