The Terminator Attempts To Save Jesus Christ

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The video above is a hilarious parody of Jesus Christ’s last days. Jesus attempts to deal with a Terminator sent back in time to save his life. So has anything like this happened for real? Jesus Christ was the Demi-God son of the Omniverse God. One of many sons and daughters he had. Christ was here to experience life as a human in this particular Parallel Universe when something weakened him causing the Romans to crucify him. Some speculate a force from outside the Omniverse did this.

In the secret ancient supernatural record there is mention of some individuals who were clearly time travelers. A few who blatantly stated as much. They indeed wanted to save Jesus from being crucified. There is no evidence that any of them was an android. One Christian cult that resided on another planet in the year 2841 kidnapped Jesus to their planet! They wanted him to be their personal God. Naturally he immediately set them straight and returned to his own time. He also stopped all other attempts at interfering in the natural order of things. The life he was meant to experience here.

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